Here are two paintings from this weekend. Back to watercolors…

LFL0007, USD 50.00

Watercolor on Khandi Paper 8.5″ by 12″

LFF0124, USD50.00

Blue Footed Booby-Watercolor on 8.5″ by 12″ Khandi Paper

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Penguins in Winter

I had some leftover blue paint so I came up with this little scene of 2 penguins in winter.  This is done in watercolor on a 5″ by 7″ card.

LFF0123 USD 50.00

Penguins in Winter: Watercolor on 5″ by 7″ card

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Another manatee (couldn’t resist)

I was thinking of manatees again today.  This one is out there in the warm waters of Florida.  Watercolor on 5″ by 7″ card.

LFF-122 USD 50.00

Manatee in Water, Watercolor on 5″ by 7″ card

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Manatee Hugging a Tree Under Water

This guy was sketched a few weeks ago and he finally came to life this weekend.  This little guy is hugging a tree under water.


Watercolor and Gouache on 5″ by 7″ card

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Bird of Paradise in the Breeze

This weekend, I thought about the beautiful Birds of Paradise that seem to roam all over Orange County, California.

LFL0006, USD 50.00

Bird of Paradise in the Breeze: 10″ by 14″ Watercolor and Gouache

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Thanksgiving Manatees (Crystal River, Fl)

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving holiday!  This Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to go to Crystal River, Florida.  What a great place!  With temperatures between 40 and 55 degrees, it felt like Thanksgiving.  And we got to see manatees in their natural habitat.  Of course, to see them head-on, you need to swim with them but if you are patient enough, you can see one or two bobbing out of the water to get a breath.  Very cool creatures who are gentle giants.

LFF0120 USD 50

Two manatees swimming about in Crystal River, November, 2014. Watercolor and Gouache on 8.5″ by 12″ Khandi paper

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Koala painted in California

Just returned from California.  This time, I brought a portable art kit of gouache paints.  This guy was the result of my first use of the bright, bold colors.

Young Koala, On Vacation in Orange County, CA

Young Koala, On Vacation in Orange County, CA

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Blue Footed Booby Bird

I also like these Blue Footed Booby Birds.  So one was my muse this weekend.

LFFxxxx USD 50.00

Blue Footy (Watercolor on 5″ by 7″ Stock)

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Still on a manatee kick

I am still on a manatee kick!  Look at these guys.  Who wouldn’t want to see them in the wild?

LFFxxx USD 50.00

Two manatees swimming–watercolor on 5″ by 7″ card

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I was thinking of manatees today.

Here are two manatees swimming in the warm Florida waters.  The little one on the right is thinking of something amusing but we don’t know what it is.

LFF0117 USD 50.00

Manatees in Florida Waters

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Rose from Balboa Island, CA

Last weekend, I saw such beautiful flowers growing on Balboa Island, very close to Newport Beach, CA.  I took several photos of them and this is a painting that was done based on the photo.  You can see the photo also in my blog as “Crystalline Rose”.

LFL0005 USD 50.00

Watercolor based on original photo. Original Painting is 10″ by 14″ on watercolor rough paper.

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Capturing Sunset, October, 2014, Key Biscayne

I had to run out to the balcony to get this photo.  Totally untouched photo.  Taken with Leica V-Lux 40.

Sunset in Key Biscayne, Taken with Leica V-Lux 40

Sunset in Key Biscayne, Taken with Leica V-Lux 40

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Crystalline Rose Growing in Balboa Island, California

Here you see a beautiful rose.  It almost looked like crystal but instead it was a full blown rose with light shining through each petal.

LPS0047, USD 50.00

Original Photo taken on Balboa Island with Leica V-Lux 40.

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NY Pigeon Arrives in Balboa Island, California, and now won’t leave

Just returned from Orange County, California.  This photo was taken on Balboa Island, a part of Newport Beach.  He looks very content and appears to have no intention to return to New York.  He even picked up some nice color from all the plentiful sunshine.

LPS0046 USD 50.00

Pigeon resting in Balboa Island, California (Taken with Leica V-Lux 40, Untouched)

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Wombat by Tree Trunk

Here is a wombat near a tree trunk.  The wombat is the koala’s closest cousin.  Wombats are also very cute marsupials.

LFF0016 USD50.00

Here is koala’s closest cousin, the wombat.

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LFS0131 Contact Artist for Pricing

Inspired by the Olympics in Tokyo

Congrats to all the athletes.  Hope they all stay safe and enjoy this awesome event.   Go Team USA!

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LFS0129, Contact Artist for Pricing

Impressions of Mykonos, Greece

I was in Mykonos, Greece quite some time ago.  I remember it well–the beautiful Aegean Sea was something to behold.

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Whimsical Paris

Originally I called this “unfinished Paris” but decided to put my brushes down and keep it as it is shown here.

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Wishing I were in Barcelona

These paintings were inspired by multiple photos of Barcelona.  The little bull in the front of one is NOT in a bull ring. He is just a baby bull jogging in front of the famous wall from Gaudi.

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LFS0125 Contact Artist for Pricing

Cherry Blossoms 2021

I feel we are approaching a recovery as depicted these cherry blossoms pushing through.

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LFL0558 Contact Artist for Pricing

Bird of Paradise; Welcoming Spring

Happy Passover.  Happy Easter.  Happy Spring!

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LFL0557 Contact Artist for Pricing

Spring in Near

For my friends in Austin, Chicago, New York and elsewhere, spring is near…  

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LFF0378 Contact Artist for Pricing

Arctic Hare

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