Little Books

Wally B Can Jump! & ¡Wally B (el ualabí) Puede Saltar!

Welcome to a world of happy animals who also personify the real feelings and emotions of children. Meet Wally B, a proud Australian wallaby, who wants to jump in the Australian Olympics. Helped by his older brother Jimmy, he pursues his dream.  Written in English & Spanish.

Jimmy, the Athletic Wallaby & Jimmy, el Ualabi Atleta

"Jimmy, the Athletic Wallaby" is my 2nd children's book!  Jimmy is the older brother of Wally B, who was the hero of "Wally B Can Jump!" In this book, Jimmy explores a number of sports where his natural athletic talents can be further challenged. He explores his options with the help of his wise Uncle K, a beloved kangaroo uncle. Written in English & Spanish.

Available on Amazon as an eBook in English and Spanish.