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The Little Face ART gallery features paintings of friends from the animal kingdom, roaming about freely or looking for a sympathetic companion. The paintings are done in an impressionistic and whimsical fashion using gouache, watercolor and pen and ink.  The colors tend to be of the pastel family although sometimes bright metallics are used as well.  The original paintings are from 5 by 7 to 16 by 24 inches or larger and are being offered as giclee, ink-jet prints, or displayed on functional articles such as tee shirts, scarves, sarongs, tote bags and more.  Just let the artist know what you are thinking and it can be arranged!

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The Little Scape ART gallery features paintings of the outdoors with various twists.  You may find a penguin skating at a scene of Rockefeller Center or a view of Paris with a cat with a bottle of wine.  The paintings are done in a unique fashion that portrays a happy disposition of the view of the world.  All places painted reflect the scenes according to the artist’s imagination.

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The Little Flowers ART gallery features paintings of flowers in bloom with an occasional Little Face visitor such as a happy bee or a friendly frog.  The paintings depict the artist’s appreciation of nature in all of its forms.

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The Little Photos gallery features original photos that have been taken often to provide inspiration and source materials for subsequent paintings.  Often, the photos are taken during morning walks around the beautiful surroundings of where the artist lives or where she travels.

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