Hurricane Irma, Flamingos in Motioin

For those who are not in Florida, imagine the ordeal that occurs for over 2 weeks of anxiety trying to determine where an impending hurricane will strike.  It’s absolutely awful.  I was starring at the state and glued to every National Hurricane Center advisory and hopelessly trying to help sway the winds with my hands…  But we escaped to Panama City Beach Florida in the Florida Panhandle and somehow made it even with gas lines and shortages.  You begin to be grateful for things we take for granted every day.

The second painting was done to provide balance and the answer to the question “Why do I live in this state?”    Seeing bright, vibrant flamingos in motion could be one reason.

9″ by 12″ Watercolor and Gouache. Painted during Irma era.



LFF0225 USD 50.00
9″ by 12″ Watercolor and Gouache

Paintings from Labor Day Weekend

I painted one using the same technique I picked up from artist Julie Karlsson, using Black Mars Watercolor Ground over 9″ by 12″ Cold Pressed Paper.  The second was done based on a photo of a baby polar bear waving hello and his mom trying to sleep a little.


LFS0061 USD 50.00
Mars Black Watercolor Ground, then Gouache and Watercolor Paints
LFF0224 USD 50.00
Watercolor over 9″ by 12′ Cold Pressed Paper

Dolphins–Night Time Swim

Last week, I read an ad from Daniel Smith about an artist named Julie Karlsson who was promoting the  use of Daniel Smith watercolor paints and watercolor ground.  I have used watercolor ground but not a dark color.  I ordered Mars Black but it did not arrive yet so I used white ground and dark blue as a background.  Then I used several watercolor and gouache paints to come up with this scene of dolphins swimming at night.

LFF0221 USD 50.00
12″ by 9″ Watercolor and Gouache over Cold Pressed Paper, Watercolor Ground and Star Blue Paint

Water, Sand and a Sand Crab

Here is a scene of water rushing up against the sandy beach.  It was missing something; my teacher, Joyce, suggested that I add a crab and so I did…

LFS0069, USD 50.00
Watercolor on 12″ by 9″ Cold Pressed Paper

Penta Water Bottle and a Glass of Water (On My Balcony)

People liked my last painting of a Perrier bottle and another bottle.  So this week, I set out a Penta water bottle and a glass of water on the same table on my balcony.  This was done on 12″ by 9″ cold pressed paper using watercolor and a little gouache.

LFS0060, USD 50.00
12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

Perrier and Mivala Water Bottles on my Balcony

This is my first attempt to paint water bottles and get the essence of transparency.  Enjoy, while I go get something to drink!

LFS0058 USD 50.00
9″ by 12″ watercolor and gouache on cold pressed paper

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