This week, the paintings are for the birds…

LF0217 USD 50.00
Watercolor on 12″ by 9″ Cold Pressed Paper

The first painting was inspired by a little bird that happened upon my window sill on the 6th floor.  His mom kept flying away and periodically came to provide him with some food.  The second painting was inspired by a photo of an exotic toucan.

Wisteria Tunnel

This weekend I virtually visited Japan.  I browsed a number of photos of Wisteria Tunnel which is in Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitatyushu, Japan.  I have never been to Japan so I traveled via the Internet…  This painting is based on multiple photos and my own impressionistic style.


LFS0057 USD 50.00
Watercolor and Gouache 9″ by 12″ Rough Paper

Cormorant Close Up

Here is another painting of a cormorant–this one based on a photo taken by Steve.

LFF0214 USD 50.00
9″ by 12″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

Albino Penguin

I saw several photos of albino penguins on the internet and created this one based on several combined.  Check out his innocent face.

Watercolor and Gouache on 12″ by 9″ Rough Paper

Cormorant Swimming Quietly

This painting was based on a photo taken by Steve.  I wanted to focus on the reflection in the water.

LFF0202 USD 50.00
Watercolor and Gouache on 9″ by 12″ Rough Paper

Bright Flowers Over Darkness

This was done in multiple layers.  First I did the dark wash in the background.  Then I applied Masking Fluid. Then I rubbed off the excess and the next day I painted in the flowers/swirls of color.

LFL0023 USD 50.00
Watercolor on 9′ by 12″ Rough Paper, Multiple Layers

Elephant Mom and Her Baby

I did this painting which was inspired by Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.  All moms need to be appreciated!

LFF0199 USD 50.00
Watercolor on 9″ by 12″ Rough Paper

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