This Week’s Paintings

Some of the girls from work went to “Paint Nite-Miami”.  8 of us went and all 8 had different renditions of the same theme.  I doctored mine up after getting home–three trees with lots of colors but without little animals seemed lacking so 2 rabbits and 2 squirrels got added.  See if you can find them.  Then today (Sunday), I did a painting based on a photo of some horses done by a professional photographer named Alberto Ghizzi Panizza from Italy, of a group of horses. You can see the original photo here on 500px: https://500px.com/photo/254168047/emotions-in-camargue-by-alberto-ghizzi-panizza?current_page=4744217581563412480ACYABco7lz__zk4A%3D&from=following&user_id=4868238

LFS0079, Contact Artist for Pricing
20 by 17 inch canvas; Acrylic and Gouache Paint





LFF0260, Contact Artist for Pricing
10″ by 7″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

Three Paintings from this weekend

First a view from Mashta Bridget in Key Biscayne.   Next, a racoon playing hide and go seek.  Next, a busy hummingbird at work.

LFS0077, Contact Artist for Pricing
Watercolor on 10″ by 7″ Cold Pressed Paper
LFF0258, Contact Artist for Pricing
Watercolor and Gouache 10″ by 7″
LFF0259, Contact Artist for Pricing
Watercolor and Gouache on 10″ by 7″ Paper

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