Panda in Hammock

LFF0438, Contact Artist for Pricing

Panda in Hammock, 12″ by 9″ Watercolor and White Acrylic on Cold Pressed Paper

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Fourth Quarter

Celebrating late Fall and Early Winter…

LFS0145 Contact Aritst for Pricing

Fourth Quarter (Watercolor on 12″ by 9″ paper)

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Vicuna of the Peruvian Andes

I showed my friend from Peru my latest alpaca paintings and she told me about the vicuna (with tilda over the n) of Peru.  This animal is like an elegant version of the alpaca with a silky coat.  The vicuna needs to be celebrated so here is my rendition of a young vicuna>


LFF0437 Contact Artist for Pricing

Vicuna from the Peruvian Andes (12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Hot Pressed Paper)

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Alpaca Bonding

LFF0436 Contact Artist for Pricing

Alpaca Bonding, 11″ by 9″ on Smooth Paper

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Baby Alpaca

LFF0435 Contact Artist for Pricing

Baby Alpaca (10″ by 8″ Watercolor and Gouache)

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Rockhopper Penguin Chick

LFF0434 Contact Artist for Pricing

Rockhopper Penguin Chick (12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Rough Paper)

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Dolphins and Friends-Great Barrier Reef

Using Brusho and Gouache Paints

LFS0144 Contact Artist for Pricing

Dolphins and Friends-Great Barrier Reef, (12″ by 9″ Brusho and Gouache)

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Autumn Colors and 2 Chipmunks

LFS0143 Contact Artist for Pricing

Autumn Colors and 2 Chipmunks, 12″ by 9″ Watercolor and Brusho

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Rocking Panda in a Rocking Chair

Second edition of a rocking panda in a rocking chair!


LFF0433 Contact Artist for Pricing

Rocking Panda in Rocking Chair (Watercolor on 10″ by 8″ cold pressed paper)

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Alpacas of Peru

LFF0432 Contact Artist for Pricing

Alpacas of Peru; 12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

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Galapagos Penguins

Although my cousins are back from the Galapagos Islands, I can still imagine being there.   Enjoy and Happy Rosh Hashanah!

LFF0431 Contact Artist for Pricing

Galapagos Penguins, 12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

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Rainbow Fish in the Deep Blue Sea (Australia)

LFS0142 Contact Artist for Pricing

Rainbow Fish In Deep Blue Sea (Australia); 12″ by 9″ Brusho and Watercolor and Gouche

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Blue Footed Boobies (2’s Company and 3’s a Crowd)

My cousins went to the Galapagos Islands this week and I thought of how cool blue footed boobies are.  They will see them in person…

LFF0430 Contact Artist for Pricing

Blue Footed Boobies; 2’s Company and3’s a Crowd (12″ by 9″ watercolor and gouache on rough paper)

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Polar Bear Family

LFF0429 Contact Artist for Pricing

Polar Bear Familly12″ by 9″ Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

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Puffin Conversation

Puffin Conversation.

LFF0428 Contact Artist for Pricing

Puffin Conversation (Watercolor on 12″ by 9″ Cold Pressed Paper)

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LFF0455 Contact Artist for Pricing

Just a koala…

Back to a favorite subject.

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Flowers in Darkness

Still in my black paper phase.  Flo wers painted with metallic gouache, watercolor paints.

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LFS0154 Contact Artist for Pricing

Reaching for the Stars–Moonlight

With a penguin friend…  

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LFS0150 Contact Artist for Pricing

Sardinia, Italy and 2 Flamingos

Wishing I were there…

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LFF0443 Contact Artist for Pricing

Pelican-Key Biscayne

From an original photo (taken March 16, 2023)

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LFF0442 Contact Artist for Pricing

Hummingbird at Work (2)

A second rendition of a hummingbird at work!

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LFF0440 Contact Artist for Pricing

Elephant Stroll

Big elephants make the best body guards for little elephants.  

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