NY Pigeon Arrives in Balboa Island, California, and now won’t leave

Just returned from Orange County, California.  This photo was taken on Balboa Island, a part of Newport Beach.  He looks very content and appears to have no intention to return to New York.  He even picked up some nice color from all the plentiful sunshine.

LPS0046 USD 50.00

Pigeon resting in Balboa Island, California (Taken with Leica V-Lux 40, Untouched)

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Wombat by Tree Trunk

Here is a wombat near a tree trunk.  The wombat is the koala’s closest cousin.  Wombats are also very cute marsupials.

LFF0016 USD50.00

Here is koala’s closest cousin, the wombat.

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Baby Wallaby Wrapped in Blanket

Although I thought I was done with wallabies, a photo of this guy showed up and I just had to paint him.  He was a little wallaby wrapped in a blanket barely the size of a human hand and he had these big, alert eyes with a face that appeared to be smiling.  How could I resist?

Baby Wallaby (Joey)

Baby Wallaby (Joey)

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Two Small Paintings from this weekend

Here are two different paintings that I did this weekend.  My goal was to play with lighting.  If you look at the Ross Sea penguin, he is emerging from darkness to light.  The tulips are also trying to grab some of the light.

LFL0004 USD 40.00

Tulips are so pretty but after a week, they don’t last as cut flowers. If you paint them, though, they become immortalized!

LFF0115 USD50.00

Ross Sea Penguin Emerging from Dark to Light

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Back to Penguins! Check out this watercolor of a mom penguin and her little curious penguin

So today, I returned to another favorite subject for my art–penguins!  Check out this Sea Ross penguin mom with her little penguin baby at her side.  This is a happy penguin scene…

LFF 0114 USD 50.00

Back to Penguins! Watercolor on Khandi Paper (17″ by 12″)

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Sharing just a few photos taken at the Books and Books’ book reading and signing event of September 6, 2014 in Coral Gables, Fl.

Signing one of two books

Signing one of two books

Little Ones Coloring the Wally B Outline Kids Gathering Around to Color Oultline of Wally B 2014-09-06_14-55-45Here you see me signing a book and also some little ones coloring the outline image of Wally B.  I noticed some very creative colors for the wallaby!  Pink, purple, peach… all sort of colors.  Wally B did not mind; in fact, he really enjoyed seeing the various renditions of his image!

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Just back from Southern California

I almost forgot how beautiful California is.  This trip brought me back to my first visit while with my parents on a college tour.  It was hard to imagine any area so beautiful with the deep blue and aquamarine colors of the water.  In this untouched photo, taken in Laguna Beach, just look at all of these colors.

Laguna Beach, California, taken with Leica V-Lux 40

Laguna Beach, California, taken with Leica V-Lux 40

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Wally B, Jimmy, and Other Wallaby Friends

This was drawn for the upcoming book reading and signing event.  Here is a picture that young coloring enthusiasts may enjoy.  Maybe we will see a blue wallaby or a pink sky!  Whatever the little ones desire will be ok!  Come to the Book signing event at Books and Books, on Saturday, September 6th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.  The store is in Coral Gables at 265 Aragon Avenue.  Feel free to download and color even it you can’t come… Would love to see what you come up with!

For Coloring Enthusiasts

For Coloring Enthusiasts

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Say hello to another Wallaby Family Member—this is Jake…

Say hello to Jake.  Jake is another brother of the Wally B, Jimmy Wallaby family.  He’s a bit more mischievous than the others….

USD 50

Jake, Jimmy and Wally B’s other brother.

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Jimmy, the Athletic Wallaby (Cover Picture)

I have now completed the writing and translation of the second book!  This is the proposed cover of “Jimmy, the Athletic Wallaby.”   The book should be available in time for the September 6th, 2014 reading at “Books and Books” in Coral Gables.  I really hope that anyone who is in the local area will come by.  Bring your kids!  Bring your friends’ kids!  This will be a joyous occasion that is especially geared for those under the age of 6 as well as children of all ages (including adults!)

LFF0113 USD 50.00

Cover for Jimmy the Athletic Wallaby

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Purple Flowers of Key Biscayne

This painting was based on an original photo taken during one of my morning walks around Key Biscayne.  It was time to paint something other than a wallaby!!!  Even though I adore little wallabies.  But I wanted to pay attention to the local environs this time!

LFL0003 USD 50.00

Purple Flowers of Key Biscayne (Watercolor on Khandi Paper)

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Jimmy (the Wallaby, Brother of Wally B) Considers Multiple Sports

I am just about done with my second book.  The first book, Wally B Likes to Jump, is available in Amazon, Nook, Apple Store, Kobo, and Books and Books.  Plus, if you want a copy, just let me know and I can send it from here!  The second book is all about Wally B’s  older brother, Jimmy.  Jimmy is an athletic wallaby and he is looking for a sport to play in…  This picture was done entirely with markers on marker paper.

LFF0112 USD 50.00

Jimmy Considers Multiple Sports

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Wallabies Just Being Wallabies

LFF0111 USD 50.00Here are a few wallabies just enjoying their wallaby life.  They are just jumping about, chatting, and being wallabies.

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Jimmy (the Wallaby) Enjoys Jumping

My first book, Wally B Can Jump! is now available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  It will also be available in Books and Books this coming week.  The supporting character of Wally B Can Jump is Jimmy, his older brother who is looking for a sport to join.  Like all wallabies, Jimmy is naturally athletic and here he is enjoying his time jumping outside.

Jimmy is the subject of my next book so stay tuned as there will be more about Jimmy in the coming weeks!


Jimmy, the Wallaby, likes to jump.

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Book is out in Amazon!!!!

Three editions of the Wally B Can Jump! book are out!  One is the Spanish edition–Wally B, El Ualabi Puede Saltar!, print on demand,  one is the English  print on demand, and one is the e-book.  Here are the links:

http://www.amazon.com/Wally-Can-Jump-Sharyn-Brotz-ebook/dp/B00L4O39RW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403462907&sr=8-1&keywords=brotz   (for the eBook in English)

http://www.amazon.com/Wally-Can-Jump-Sharyn-Brotz/dp/1500175056/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1403462907&sr=8-3&keywords=brotz (for the print on demand in English) and


Next week, the soft cover edition of the book in both English and Spanish will be out in Books and Books in Coral Gables and online.  And a hard cover edition will also be available at Books and Books.

If you want a beautiful book, you can also order it through me.  Just send me a note and I can arrange a direct shipment.

For those who enjoy the book, a nice review is appreciated too!!!   Thanks!


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LFF0367, Contact Artist for Pricing

Patagonia: A Ship and Penguins Strolling

I am anticipating the return of cruise ships and travel in general.

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LFS0117 Contact Artist for Pricing

Embracing the Miami Heat

Suddenly I crave sports or anything that m akes me think we are returning to normalcy…  Here is a painting based on a photo of a player of the Miami Heat basketball team.

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LFS0116 Contact Artist for Pricing

Tour de France-2020

I was inspired by watching some of the Tour de France.  It was a sense of a return to normalcy…  I actually got to see a glimpse of the Tour de France a few years ago with good friends in Paris.  Super cool.   Enjoy.

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LFS0051 Contact Artist for Pricing

Very berry…

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LFF0363 Contact Artist for Pricing

French Painters-Pursuit

Combining my love of French painters, dogs and whimsy!

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LFF0362 Contact Artist for Pricing

Blue Octopus

I got the idea from a watercolor lesson that I saw online but then of course I changed it with my own technique.

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LFS0050 Contact Artist for Pricing

Flower Blend

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LFF0361 Contact Artist for Pricing

Galapagos Penguin

Still pretending to be in the Galapagos.  This is a Galapagos penguin.

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LFF)359 Contact Artist for Pricing

Young Hawk in Crandon Park

Based on an original photo.

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LFF0356 Contact Artist for Pricing

Blue Penguin from Australia

In my imagination, I went to Australia and saw this little blue penguin.

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LFF0355 Contact Artist for Pricing

Blue Footed Boobie Family

You met one of the Boobies last week.  Now we see the whole family!

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LFF0354 Contact Artist for Pricing

Blue Footed Boobie

Can’t travel anywhere but I can pretend to be in the Galapagos seeing blue footed boobies.  

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LF0352 Contact Artist for Pricing

Little Blue Penguin

These guys live in New Zealand and Australia.

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