LFF0168 Price-Contact Artist

My first rendition of this rabbit was awful and I tossed it .  But this time, I paid close attention to his dimensions and wanted to capture his innocence.  Hope that you like Buddy as much as I do.  Buddy lives in Crandon Park where he hops around and makes appearances in the late afternoons.

LFF0168 USD 50.00

Watercolor on 11.8″ by 15.7″ Rough Paper.

Sharyn-In-Front-of-Booth-Day-1-300-by-170-ishP1000693-Sharyn-In-front-of-panels-2-300-by-217 P1000692-No Use This One-2-WebL1000482-Key-Biscayne-Rotary-Club-154--by-223







Here are just four pictures from the event.  On March 15th and 16th, I had the privilege of participating in the local artist tent for local Key Biscayne Artists.  This was shared with three other talented artists of the area.

I would like to thank all of you who had a chance to stop by.  And thank you to the organizer of the event, the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne.