Iguana in Green

LPS0042 USD 50.00

LPS0042 USD 50.00Here we see a very green, practically neon green, iguana.  He is just looking at me wondering what will be my next move.  I take his photo, admiringly, and then walk on and he scurries off into more of the foliage.  This is a Key Biscayne resident.

Little White Flowers

LPS0040 USD 50.00

LPS0040 USD 50.00Suddenly, I look and see these pretty white flowers growing in the wild.  They look as though they are snow flakes and yet they are soaking in 75 degree spring Florida weather.

Thank you to all visitors to the “Local Artist Tent” of the Key Biscayne Art Festival, March 15, 16, 2014

Sharyn-In-Front-of-Booth-Day-1-300-by-170-ishP1000693-Sharyn-In-front-of-panels-2-300-by-217 P1000692-No Use This One-2-WebL1000482-Key-Biscayne-Rotary-Club-154--by-223







Here are just four pictures from the event.  On March 15th and 16th, I had the privilege of participating in the local artist tent for local Key Biscayne Artists.  This was shared with three other talented artists of the area.

I would like to thank all of you who had a chance to stop by.  And thank you to the organizer of the event, the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne.


Frisky Peacock–Spring is Here!

LPS0033, USD 40.00

LPS0033, USD 40.00Here we see a frisky peacock. Clearly Spring is here.  By the way, you might see this guy next weekend at the Key Biscayne Art Festival.  The Key Biscayne peacocks are known to wander anywhere on the island!