Dolphins–Night Time Swim

LFF0221 USD 50.00

Last week, I read an ad from Daniel Smith about an artist named Julie Karlsson who was promoting the  use of Daniel Smith watercolor paints and watercolor ground.  I have used watercolor ground but not a dark color.  I ordered Mars Black but it did not arrive yet so I used white ground and dark blue as a background.  Then I used several watercolor and gouache paints to come up with this scene of dolphins swimming at night.

LFF0221 USD 50.00

12″ by 9″ Watercolor and Gouache over Cold Pressed Paper, Watercolor Ground and Star Blue Paint

Dolphins Welcoming 2015

LFF0125, Price-Contact Artist

It’s the first of January, 2015.  New year with existing paints. Wanting to make 2015 a happy and healthy year, who better to depict that than happy dolphins swimming toward each other?  Happy new year to all my blog friends!

LFF0125, USD 50.00

Two Dolphins Swimming Toward Each Other. Gouache and Watercolor on 10″ by 14″ Paper