Doing my part to usher in Autumn, I am using Autumn’s rich colors

LFF0231 Price-Contact Artist
LFS0065 USD 50.0

Watercolor and Brusho on 12″ by9″ Cold Pressed Paper

LFF0231 USD 50.0

Watercolor on Cold Pressed 12″ by 9″ Paper

Here are two paintings from this weekend.  One is of  a tree done in watercolor.  Then I used Brusho to get the explosive effect of colors. The other is of a butterfly based on an original photograph.


Photo time…

LSP0058 USD 50.00

I went to the same park that I always go but this time I was told where the dragonflies hang out.  I was able to find this guy in his usual spot.  Earlier I had walked to the park and found the lovely, colorful butterfly.  I could not believe how perfect that butterfly’s wings were.

LSP0058 USD 50.00

Photo taken with Leica V Lux 40 7/3/16

LSP0059 USD 50.00

Butterfly Photo (Taken with Leica V Lux 40, 7/3/16)