Little Fuzzy Duckling Wandering Around

Fuzzy Duckling Wandering In the Grass
Here is a young duckling just beginning to figure out Crandon Gardens.  Mom is not too far away… Just a quick sketch with watercolors on paper.

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Two South African (Penguin) Tourists Visit Crandon Beach

LFF0100, USD 300

This morning, I brought one of my stuffed animal penguins to get an idea of how a penguin would look at the beach with the right lighting. Then it rained. Oh well. Such is the weather of Key Biscayne. This painting was done on a 16″ by 20″ gallery wrapped canvas.

Watch how this painting evolved on the Little Creations Evolving page.

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Key Biscayne Library With Friends

LFS0040, USD 300

Today, I walked over to the library and took photos of the friends who you see in this painting.  The Key Biscayne Library is a lovely area that attracts lots of native species. This painting is made with watercolor and gouache on a gallery wrapped canvas.

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Kiwis Come Together

LFF0099, USD $75.00

Here is a celebration of Kiwi, the fruit, and the bird.  Thank you, New Zealand, for bringing both to us.  This was done with watercolor and gouache on a gallery wrapped canvas.

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Doodle Of Penguin Mom and Little One

LFF0096 $35.00

Two penguins come alive from just a doodle made on left-over photo paper and a few sharpies.
Original–Doodle Using Sharpies On 7.5″ by 5″ Photo Paper

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Platypus Swimming Happily

LFF0098, $40.00Here is a little platypus happily swimming in Australia.

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Bottle Nose Dolphin Is Enjoying A Splash

LFF0097, $75.00 Original is 11″ by 14″ Canvas Board, Gallery Wrapped

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Inspired by Chopin “Ocean”, Etude Op 25, No. 12

LFS0039, $50.009.5″ by 12.5″ watercolor and gouache on paper

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Polar Pup-His Summer, Our Winter

LFF0095, $7511″ by 14″ Watercolor on Paper

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Little Bird on Fence

Little Bird on Fence
Photograph Taken With Fuji Fine Pix HS50 EXR

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Crandon Gardens, Key Biscayne

Inkjet ($100) Giclee ($500)
16″ by 24″ Watercolor on Canvas

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South African Penguin Family Reunion

LFF0090 USD 150
12″ X 16″ Watercolor on Canvas Panel

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Burst of Spring In Continued Winter

LFL0001 USD 85.00 Giclee
Battle of the Seasons • 10″ by 14″ Watercolor on Rough Paper

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Little Photos

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Little Flowers

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Whimsical Paris

Originally I called this “unfinished Paris” but decided to put my brushes down and keep it as it is shown here.

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Wishing I were in Barcelona

These paintings were inspired by multiple photos of Barcelona.  The little bull in the front of one is NOT in a bull ring. He is just a baby bull jogging in front of the famous wall from Gaudi.

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Cherry Blossoms 2021

I feel we are approaching a recovery as depicted these cherry blossoms pushing through.

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LFL0558 Contact Artist for Pricing

Bird of Paradise; Welcoming Spring

Happy Passover.  Happy Easter.  Happy Spring!

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LFL0557 Contact Artist for Pricing

Spring in Near

For my friends in Austin, Chicago, New York and elsewhere, spring is near…  

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LFF0378 Contact Artist for Pricing

Arctic Hare

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LFF0375 Contact Artist for Pricing

Pandas and Bamboo

A few pandas on bamboo trees with a little snow.

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Salt Flats of Bolivia with Penguin Tourists

A friend of mine is from Bolivia and she showed me lovely photos of Salar de Uyuni, Salt Flats amid the Andes in southwest Bolivia.  Flamingos may be found there.  But in this painting, we have three penguin tourists…  

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